U18 National Team Women

Scoring Efficiency Leaders

Last update: 2017-12-17 13:29
Rk No NameTeam Pos GP G SOG SG%
123Holopainen, ElisaFINRW33933.33
217Lundin, SofieSWECE32633.33
39Bouveng, JosefinSWERW321020.00
424Berggren, MalouSWERD31616.67
16Blom, LovaSWECE31616.67
9Rantala, SanniFINRD31616.67
711Johansson, LinneaSWERW31714.29
812Ljungblom, LinaSWECE31147.14
Sorted by higher Scoring Efficiency (SG%), Goals, and lower Games Played. (Only players with an average of two or more shots per game included in ranking)
- Finland
- Sweden
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