U18 National Team Women

Faceoff Leaders

Last update: 2017-12-17 13:29
Rk No NameTeam Pos GP FO W L FO%
117Lundin, SofieSWECE342281466.67
225Seikkula, KitiFINRW332211165.62
312Ljungblom, LinaSWECE328181064.29
414Antonsson, JennySWELW342251759.52
524Räsänen, Anna-LottaFINLW2189950.00
69Bouveng, JosefinSWERW325111444.00
719Tervo, Piitu-LiinaFINRW31871138.89
813Kuoppala, IdaFINRW3145935.71
920Nousiainen, KiiaFINLW341142734.15
Sorted by higher Face Off %, Face Offs Won and lower Games Played (Only players with an average of four or more face offs per game)
- Finland
- Sweden