Skol-SM Högstadiet

Faceoff Leaders

Last update: 2013-02-07 22:21
Rk No NameTeam Pos GP FO W L FO%
122Bivered, OskarOLYCE1168850.00
19Romfors, WilliamOLYCE1168850.00
15Örnskog, IanOLYCE1168850.00
412Nordberg, OliverPROCE1126650.00
33Sjöstedt, JonPROCE1126650.00
10Åstrand, HermanPROCE1126650.00
19Ölund, LinusPROCE1126650.00
Sorted by higher Face Off %, Face Offs Won and lower Games Played (Only players with an average of four or more face offs per game)
- Olympia Skol IF Jönköping
- Prolympiarådet Gävle Skol IF