U17 National Team Men (aug)

Faceoff Leaders

Last update: 2016-08-29 08:34
Rk No NameTeam Pos GP FO W L FO%
113Gustafsson, DavidSWECE341291270.73
225Nässén, LinusSWERW333221166.67
311Bäck, OskarSWECE352341865.38
421Olofsson, JacobSWECE328161257.14
527Tanus, KristianFINRW295455.56
610Kupari, RasmusFINLW335152042.86
713Hirvonen, KonstaFINLW335132237.14
824Ranta, SampoFINRW3134930.77
921Moilanen, JesseFINLW341122929.27
1023Petman, VilleFINRW32361726.09
Sorted by higher Face Off %, Face Offs Won and lower Games Played (Only players with an average of four or more face offs per game)
- Finland
- Sweden