Euro Hockey Challenge

Leading Goalies by Goal Against

Last update: 2018-04-09 13:21
Rk No NameTeam GPI 5-5 5-4 5-3 4-4 4-3 3-3 3-4 3-5 4-5 EQG% PPG% SHG% PS GWS GA GAA
134Hrenak, DavidSVK250000000455,560,0044,440095.51
235Hellberg, MagnusSWE2400000000100,000,000,000042.00

30Godla, DenisSVK130000000175,000,0025,0000410.89
Sorted by lower Goal Against per 60 minutes and higher Saves%
Only goalies who particated more than 40% of their teams total game time will be included in the ranking. Please note that Game Winning Shots are excluded in Leading Goalies.
- Slovakia
- Sweden