U18 Region Syd Team Women, Region Syd

Leading Goalies by Goal Against

Last update: 2017-01-03 14:13
Rk No NameTeam GPI 5-5 5-4 5-3 4-4 4-3 3-3 3-4 3-5 4-5 EQG% PPG% SHG% PS GWS GA GAA
125Axell, FridaREG10000000010,000,00100,000011.00
21Jansson Almgren, LinnREG110000000150,000,0050,000022.00
320Repstock-Romme, CassandraDAN150010000185,710,0014,290077.00
425Nordström, Emma-SofieDAN1200000000100,000,000,000022.00
Sorted by lower Goal Against per 60 minutes and higher Saves%
Only goalies who particated more than 40% of their teams total game time will be included in the ranking. Please note that Game Winning Shots are excluded in Leading Goalies.
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